Happy New Year! Bring on 2022

Lets Begin.... Return Dates
Narangba Dojo - Tuesday, 25th January 2022
Petrie Dojo - Monday, 31st January 2022

Hi all,

2022 will begin a little staggered for the Dojo's due to the Petrie Dojo being in school grounds. We have to visit the school in the first week of the school term to arrange the key for the hall and finalise the finer details.

The Calendar here on our website - on the members area is up to date now with start dates. Please refer to this throughout the year for training sessions. The calendar also has the google maps attached to the sessions.

Narangba will begin classes back the FIRST week of school term. Tuesday, 25th January 2022

Petrie will begin classes back the SECOND week of school term. Monday, 31st January 2022

Any questions or concerns, please contact us via our website contact page, or email.

We are excited about a big year, see you soon.

Sensei Rich and Mel

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