Our Dojo's

Okami Dojo

Okami Dojo opened in June 2018.

The location for Okami Dojo is Narangba Community Centre - Main Hall, near the Narangba train station.

Just like its sister dojo, Okami Dojo has polished timber floors and great facilities.

Translation: 'Okami' is Japanese for Wolf 

Pronunciation: "Or-Karm-ee"

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Tora Dojo

Tora Dojo was opened in August 2016.

Previously in Bray Hall Community Centre at Petrie in Queensland, the dojo became a little small for our student numbers in 2021.

2022 - Our new location for Tora Dojo is still in Petrie, Queensland - at Kurwongbah State School in the assembly hall.  The hall is a larger dojo which has a traditional feel with polished wooden floors similar to those in Okinawa. 

Translation: Tora is Japanese for Tiger 

Pronunciation: "Tor-ra"

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