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Tora Dojo

August 07, 2016

Tora Dojo was opened in August 2016.

Currently in Bray Hall Community Centre at Petrie in Queensland, the dojo has a traditional feel with polished wooden floors similar to those in Okinawa.

Translation: Tora is Japanese for Tiger 

Pronunciation: "Tor-ra"

Okami Dojo

June 11, 2018

Okami Dojo opened in June 2018.

The location for Okami Dojo is Narangba Sports Reserve.  It is in the clubhouse shared by the local football club.

Just like its sister dojo, Okami Dojo has polished timber floors and great facilities.

Translation: 'Okami' is Japanese for Wolf 

Pronunciation: "Or-Karm-ee"

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