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Tiny Tigers

Our Tiny Tiger system has been carefully designed and structured for your child that offers fun, fitness and traditional karate values and is a great way to get your child into an active martial art and develop their self confidence, self respect and self growth.


An introduction to the curriculum is taught to these students, and they are tested on the fundamentals as they build strength, knowledge and confidence in their Karate skills.

The curriculum acknowledges that their body is still growing and developing, these classes help develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. 

We have seen many children benefit from these classes.

General Class

General class is for all ages of all abilities whether you have previous  experience or not, Goju-Ryu Karate has something for everyone! Fitness and strength levels are no issue as our fully accredited and internationally recognised Black Belt Instructors will assess you and guide you to achieve goals you never thought were possible.

The Goju-ryu system is flexible regarding adjusting stances and techniques to cater to any physical issue ie. bad knees, bad back or anything that you may think will hinder your training.  There is always a technique to adopt to get the desired result.

For teenagers, (15-17), our curriculum acknowledges that the body is still growing and developing, therefore the aim is to prepare students for adult life both physically and mentally.  More advanced resistance training is introduced along with maintaining a high level of health and care for the mind and body, in turn, helping with the management of day to day stress of school life.

Fitness is a bonus to this style of training and core strength is a given!

Meeting other students and making friends for life from all over the world is a life changing experience from karate training.

Kime Sessions

Kime (Kim-ay) is Japanese for 'focus' or 'strength'.


Our Kime session is for students with significant previous experience in karate and students who have progressed through the curriculum to a minimum of 4th Kyu (Blue Belt)

In this class you will gain further expansion of knowledge and intricacies of techniques through the application of kata including self-defence and partner work including sparring.

If you choose to, this is the class to attend if you are wishing to compete in tournaments. 

Traditional Karate
Self Defence Classes 
All Ages
Internationally Recognised
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